Paper Sizes Explained


Everyone uses standard paper size terms, but do they understand what they mean and why?

International Standard (ISO 216) specifies paper sizes in most countries in the world today with the exception of the USA and Canada which has its own sizing standard.

A Series

The A series is the industry standard for the international metric market, it is the main finished trimmed size of paper used in printing and other related industries.  Each size is exactly 1/2 the area of the previous size i.e. A4 is 1/2 A3.  The most common size is A4 which most desk printers use.

The series begins with A0 whose area is exactly 1 square metre and then the ratio of the sides of smaller A sizes are always 1:square root of 2

a-series-paper-sizes-1A size paper








B Series

The B Series is designed to complete the gaps between the A Series sizes, they are mainly used for posters, wallcharts and labels.

b-series-paper-sizes-1Series B paper sizes







C Series

The C Series is the standard sizes for envelopes and folders.  Each C size envelope is designed to fit the corresponding A size flat sheet.

c-series-envelope-sizes-1C Series Paper Sizes










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