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Green Credentials

Are you Eco Friendly? Want to shout about it?

Everyone needs to be eco-friendly and we should all do our bit for the environment, but do your client’s know your green credentials? Why not try some of our tips and suggestions to get your message out there, self promotion and customer awareness is pivotal to your success!   “If we want to move towards […]

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CarbonNeutral Logo(2)

Need to remind your clients of your Eco-Friendly credentials?

So you have sent your message out, but you want your customers to have a continuous reminder of how eco-friendly you are?  Here are a few suggestions to help.   Desk Pads – A3 and A4 pads with your corporate identity and your green credentials, they will never have to look you up again.  Calendar […]

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Usable chairs made entirely out of paper

Design firm Molo turns stationary into furniture, lighting and room dividers. Molo a Vancouver-based design and production firm founded by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, creates furniture, lighting, and room dividers that are all made of paper. Molo’s products consist of a unique feature: honeycomb style creases that allow their products to expand up to a […]

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