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Paper Comes from Trees ………

So you thought using paper is bad for the environment?   Watch the short clip and you just might change your mind!    

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A call for clarity on environmental standards

Ecoprint 13 June 2012. During March and April of this year, Print & Paper Monthly and its partner EcoPrint 2012 conducted an environmental survey with UK print companies. The results are incorporated in a new white paper, written by PMC and sponsored by INX Digital. Research conducted on behalf of EcoPrint 2012, the sustainable print exhibition […]

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Kodak NexPress waste collection program

Digital Printer 03 December 2011 Kodak is launching a sustainable printer program (SPP) for printing and publishing customers in the UK in partnership with waste control specialist J & G Environmental. This company will now be recommended to all Kodak’s existing and potential NexPress digital press customers, for the management of all consumable waste and all […]

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Sustainable development….Big not boring

BBC News 23rd November 2006 VIEWPOINT by Jonathon Porritt Sustainable development is not a boring catch-phrase for sad gits with nothing better to do with their lives ….says Jonathon Porritt. In this week’s Green Room, he explains why it holds the key to a better future, and why politicians ignore it at their peril. Until we learn […]

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Is the costs of eco-badges outweighing the benefits?

Printweek 12 November 2010 Has the recession and proliferation of accredited firms led to the costs of eco-badges outweighing the benefits, asks Helen Morris…. When times were good, the cost of attaining an environmental accreditation was never really an issue. Printers queued up to proudly stick the logos of accreditation bodies such as the FSC or PEFC on […]

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