The Power of Advertising

A high volume of complaints were received after the advert had been aired.

We all need to advertise what we do.  Get it right and you will see your sales rise get it wrong and you will receive complaints.

Even the big corporations can get it wrong sometimes.  For example look at the latest advert for Marmite, within 24 hours of the first airing, the Advertising Standards Agency received over 250 complaints.



A spokeswoman for Marmite, who are owned by Unilever, said it was “never their intention to cause offence”.

We have made every effort to ensure that this commercial entertains anyone who watches it”, they continued”.

Most businesses cannot afford the cost of a TV advert and they are not in the league of the big corporate brands.  However, marketing principle is still the same.  We hope that some of our simple tips below will help you realise your vision.

Plan your marketing campaign.  Work out what you want to achieve, who you are going to target and how much you can afford to reach your goals.

Once you have a strategy, you need to work out how you are going to deliver your message.  You could use a variety of medium such as posters, leaflets, brochures, postcards, email and a personalised letter.  But all of these things do have a cost attached to them.GHV2 Promotional postcards

CDL are happy to supply a quotation which will allow you to budget.  But don’t forget, you will probably have some artwork costs depending on your design, you can also ask for an estimate for this.

When coming up with your design, you need to take into account your branding and the message you wish to convey.  Why not get CDL’s designers to help you with some ideas?  Brand consistency is very important.  How many times to do you see an advert and know who and what they are selling just by a quick glance?

When deciding on what you want to send, for example if you are using the Royal Mail, size and weight can make a great impact on your costs for postage.

So you have a design, you know how many you want to print, now how to get them there.  Depending on what you are sending, if it is a letter, brochure, leaflet you may need to insert them into an envelope with a label, this can be very time consuming to do manually.

Have you thought about out sourcing this?  Here a CDL we are happy to supply a quotation for taking away this headache, giving you peace of mind, knowing that once you have completed all of the hard work of planning and designing, we can take care of the rest.

If you need help or a quotation, please email us at or call us on 01268 242100, option 1

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